Fish For A Cure

Kickin' Cancer's Bass - Junior Board

For more than a decade, the Fish For A Cure Tournament and Paul C. Dettor Captain’s Challenge has provided transformational support of Anne Arundel Medical Center’s Geaton and JoAnn DeCesaris Cancer Institute. Every dollar raised will directly impact cancer patients and their families through a comprehensive Cancer Survivorship Program at AAMC.

Help my crew and I aboard the Kickin' Cancer's Bass in our commitment to supporting cancer care in our community by making a charitable contribution to Kickin' Cancer's Bass and help us to spread the word about our participation in this great cause.

Last year, more than 2,000 patients experienced above and beyond cancer care at AAMC’s Geaton and JoAnn DeCesaris Cancer Institute. With your partnership and support of the 2018 Fish For A Cure Tournament and Paul C. Dettor Captain’s Challenge, AAMC will be able to continue to provide these programs and services to our friends, loved ones, and neighbors in the community as they undergo cancer treatment and care.

Fair winds and following seas

Haley Palmer, Senior Lead

Logan Lamon, Senior Lead

Brayden Bowen, Junior Lead

Bubba Bowen, Junior Lead

Ernie Arizzi

Will Oliver

Wyatt Pellicano

Nick Remoll

Bridgett Callahan

Ian Swidersky

Riley Swidersky

Jenna Miller

Will Brimhall

Andrew Bond

Madison Larson

Joe Kantowski

Jerren Pellicano, Adult Lead

Melissa Bowen, Adult Lead, F4AC Board Member 




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