Fish For A Cure

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Fish for a Cure takes it to another level – there is a higher purpose for what we are doing. My namesake fell victim to cancer and I think of him every time I am on the water. These memories were sadly, recently augmented by the death of one of my Best Friends Jesse Trotter in August 2014, of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. It is 2018, and sadly I am adding another name to the list – we lost good friend Dave Boera in December of 2018 to Pancreatic Cancer. Fish for a Cure is a way to honor those who have lost their battle with cancer and try to make it a bit easier future cancer warriors.

-Captain, Michael A. Garrett III, Arnold, MD

Cancer has affected each of us to some degree, we should all effect a cure in our own way.
Everyone is capable of helping w this daunting task.
Finding a cure and fishing fish requires diligence, patients and lot's of funding to win the battle.
Fishing is our way!

- Tim Whisted, Annapolis, MD

Fishing to me is the time to enjoy my family and friends. It is definitely my favorite hobby. We all have been affected by this terrible disease; I have had a couple of really tough years as cancer taken someone very close to my heart. I haven’t participated in F4AC for a couple of years but now realize I have to lift up my head and fight for the next person who will have to fight for their life. What I love about Fish 4 A Cure is the money stays right here in our back yard and help the patients and families with a program that counsels them through the terrible process of treatment. Please join my team and donate to a great cause.
Roger Kouhi, Arnold, MD

For me, fishing is all about spending time with family, friends, and having fun, and once a year my hobby provides a great service to a local charity that directly affects our community. Many of us have lost loved ones in the Annapolis area that have received world class support from the Anne Arundel Medical Center’s Geaton and JoAnn DeCesaris Cancer Institute right in our backyard. F4AC has donated over $1.75m across the last 11 years.

Thank you for the support, and wash us luck !

- Glenn Bogarde, Annapolis, MD

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