Fish For A Cure 2019

89er's - Johns Hopkins Blue Jays - Win!
89er's - Johns Hopkins Blue Jays - Win!

89'ers - Johns Hopkins Blue Jay's - Regulate This

The 89'ers Blue Jays are out to raise some cash  this 2019 fall fishing season to support AAMC's Nurse Navigation (Cancer Survivorship) program within the Cancer Center.  Trust us when we tell you, your donation has a significant, and often times, life altering affect.  This year we are on board of the REGULATE THIS! with Norm, Jeanine and Dax Ove.  This team (89'ers and Regulate This!) is a bunch of people that know what hard work is all about.  Every person on this team has either worked their bottoms off and had the blisters on their hands to show for it...or competed on a team at an extremely high us all the understanding of a ROLE PLAYER.  That is what the Nurse Navigation team is and that is what this group is.  We, the 89'ers, are a team of role players.  We are the Blue Collar Group!  Filling the coffers to support the people that are desperately needed during the time of a cancer diagosis, no matter the type....and realizing that others have helped us in our time of need.

Consider helping us help them.  We are passionate about helping others, that's the bottom line.  And this event is a means to an end!  Any donation is extremely appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

Go Jay's!

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