Fish For A Cure 2020

Doc B's Fishing Team

We are back for our 10th year participating in the Fish For A Cure Captain’s Challenge. Once again, this cause is hitting close to home. Just after Thanksgiving, we found out that Todd’s cancer had spread to his liver. He started chemo on New Year’s Eve at The Decesaris Cancer Institute at AAMC. I was able to be at the infusion center with him for his first 4 rounds of chemo. During the 6 week break before his surgery to remove the tumors, Covid hit. He had surgery on March 23rd and no one could visit him in the hospital. Thankfully, his nurse Facetimed me after he came out of surgery and I was able to text with his doctors to get updates. That was a long 4 days. He came home the day before his 50th birthday. We were thankful for that small blessing as he was supposed to be in the hospital for up to a week. Two months after surgery, he was recovered enough to restart chemo. Cancer and chemo are scary enough but throw in Covid and you have an entirely new level of anxiety. No one was allowed to go to the infusion center with him or to his follow up appointments. This week, he will be done the last of 12 chemo rounds! We could not have done it without the help of our nurse navigator, Judy, and all of the nurses at the infusion center and his amazing team of doctors. We are so thankful to have a wonderful cancer center so close to home since Todd had to drive himself back and forth to his treatments.

Fish For A Cure directly supports the Survivorship Program and the services it provides to the cancer patients at AAMC DeCesaris Cancer Institute. This program is without a doubt one of the most important things a cancer center can offer its’ patients. In 2019, Fish For A Cure raised over $600,000 that directly supported this program. We hope you will support this great and important cause by donating to our boat. We personally raised over $16,000 in 2019 but would love to reach $20,000 this year!! With your help, that is possible.

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