Fish For A Cure 2020

Dirty Blonde Sport Fishing

Dirty Blonde Sports Fishing was born seven years ago, but took a hiatus because of life events.  This year we've had the opportunity to resurrect it, and resurrect it for a cause.   Each of us has been affected by the challenge of cancer.   While COVID is in the news, the impact of cancer has not subsided.  Mothers, wives, brothers, uncles, bosses, colleagues; each of the team members has a story that has impacted their lives.  For more than a decade, the Fish For A Cure Tournament has provided transformational support of the DeCesaris Cancer Institute. Unlike a lot of charities and non-profits, every single dollar raised directly impacts cancer patients and their families through a comprehensive Cancer Survivorship Program.

The team is going to go out and have a good day on the water.  We may catch, we may just fish, but that's the sideline.   Our real hope is to provide a small amount of assistance to people who have faced significant challenges.  

Please help my team, Dirty Blonde Sport Fishing, in our commitment to supporting cancer care by making a charitable contribution and helping us to spread the word our participation in this great cause.

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