Fish For A Cure 2021

Team FishTalk/PropTalk

There is no tournament and no cause Team FishTalk/PropTalk could be prouder to sponsor than the Fish For a Cure - and we're THRILLED that in 2020 we fished our way to winning two categories in the tournament! We're not only a media sponsor of the event, we're also fishing in it for all we're worth. But more importantly, we need you to help us make the Captain's Challenge a big success.

While team captain Lenny Rudow has fished the tournament in the past, 2017 was our first year of competition as Team FishTalk/PropTalk (hey, we would have joined in earlier but FishTalk didn't exist prior to 2017). And while we were quite pleased to raise $3,760 and come in 25th out of 79 boats we knew we could do better. In 2018 we busted way past that mark, raising over $10,000 and placing 14th (and scoring 2nd in the Perch division!). In 2019 we again broke the 10K mark. And in 2020 despite being cramped by Covidwe still managed to break that barrier.

For 2021, we're going to fish even harder and fundraise even more furiously. Help us make the event yet another smashing success!

Many thanks, from your friends at FishTalk and PropTalk Magazines.

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