Fish For A Cure 2021

Bay Life Apparel & Breezin' Thru Charters | Bass, Brass & Kickin' Cancers A$$

Bay Life Apparel was founded in 2018 out of our love for the Chesapeake Bay, the surrounding culture and the outdoor lifestyle we are so blessed to enjoy.  Throughout the years we have used our reach as a way to give back to the community and raise money for specially selected non-profits which directly benefit the Chesapeake region.  This year we have committed to raise at least $7500 for this amazing cause, in addition to our other charitable contributions.  Find out more about our community involvement on our page:

Breezin' Thru Charters is a family owned and operated multi boat charter service operating out of Kentmorr Marina on Kent Island.  Originally commissioned by Capt. Harry Carter in 1949, the Breezin' Thru has been running charter fishing trips on the bay since then, and hasn't missed a season.  In the 1950's she was known as the Queen of her day,  as she offered full meals and on-board refrigeration.  The Breezin' Thru has continued that standard of excellence, and Capt. Tilghman and his sons goes to great lengths each winter and spring to maintain all of her original charm.  The wide-haul and low profile of the boat make for a comfortable ride, even in the choppiest of sea.
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