Fish For A Cure 2021

PYY Fishing

We have been fishing in this tournament since 2015. The first time that we entered, we thought it was just another fishing tournament. That was until we went to the first Captains meeting. At the meeting we heard stories from cancer survivors and how they were directly affected by this program. From that moment we all realized that this is way bigger than just a fishing tournament and how important this program is. Unfortunately most of us have been affected by cancer in some way and programs like this make a very challenging time way more manageable. By participating in this tournament and its fundraiser, We hope to help this program continue to grow so it is available to as many people as it possibly can be.

Please consider a donation of any size on our team's behalf using the donate now tab on this page. All donations go directly to the LHAAMC Foundation and are tax deductible. 

Thanks for all of the support,

PYY Fishing Team

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